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This section of the book is comprised of multiple tables which show you how many times a certain event happened, where an event could be any number of things, for example - how many times a particular song opened the first set or the second set. This section is broken out into categories of events, and statistical analysis is performed for each category. This is where you can gain insights into what events were common or rare occurrences throughout the 30 years of Grateful Dead concerts. You can also use these tables to see how the band went through different musical phases. I tried to break out the stats in two ways for most categories. For one, I generated stats for all shows, and then for two, I generated the same stats, but grouped results by year to show you how things changed from one year to the next.  

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Sweet Suzy Variations

song stats1.png

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Included Categories:

Acoustic Songs

By Song Name (sorted by Song Name and grouped by Year),

By Year (sorted by Year, then by Song Name)

Band Member Lineups

By lineup (sorted by the group membership, then by Year),

By Year (sorted by Year, then by Group)

City, State, Venue Played

Grouped by City and Venue,

Grouped by Year, City Venue

Encore Songs

Grouped by Song Name, sorted by Times Played,

Grouped by Year, Song Name, sorted by Year, Times Played, Song Name

Performance Types

Grouped by Type, sorted by Type

First/Final/Only Time Played

Grouped by Song Name,

Grouped by Year

Set Openers and Closers

Grouped by Set, Song Name

Grouped by Set, By Year

Guest Musicians

Grouped by Guests

Grouped by Song

Grouped by Year

Song Breakouts

Grouped by Gap

Grouped by Song

Songs Played Before And After Drums/Space

Grouped by Song

Grouped by Year

All Songs Played Live

Grouped by Year, sorted by number of times played (high to low)

Grouped by Song Name, sorted by Year

Songs Only Played Once

Sorted by Song Name

Songs Played More Than Once During A Show

Grouped by Song Name, Sorted by Number of Times Played (descending)

Sets With Drums, Space and Jam Openers

Sorted by Year

Unusual Song Combinations

Deviations from song combinations such as Help > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower , China > Rider or Scarlet > Fire

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