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Every Time Played

This section of the book lists every time a song was played, for every song in the database (over 500 songs in total) in chronological order. In addition, it lists the song that was played before and after it along with lots of other information for the song. Other than the set list section of the book, this is the second largest section (almost 500 pages).

ETP new format small.png

NEW! - Every Time Played Excel Spreadsheet

I've created a FREE companion Excel spreadsheet of the Every Time Played table! The Excel spreadsheet is "active", meaning you can filter for a song, and then filter the "played before" or "played after" column as well as any other columns.

Here is an example of how to use this file:

(NOTE: You must have an app on your computer or device that can open Excel documents in order to use this file)

Quick search "how to" example video:

Complete overview of ETP workbook:

Step 1: Select a Song

You can scroll through the list of all songs to select: 


Or you can type something in the Text Filter box to select:


Step 2: Additional Filtering

You can now select filters that only apply to the selected song (Playin' In The Band, in this example) for any other column to refine your search:

Filter by Date (or Year by typing in the Text Filter):


Filter by all Guest musicians for this song:


Filter by all songs played before

(OPTION: you can type a ">" in the Text Filter to get only songs that segue into the song:


Filter by all songs played after:


OPTION: Filter for only those times when segued into songs played after:


Filter by "unusual" song sequences:


Step 3: Filter result (note there is also a counter for the result)


Included Information:

Show Date

The show date for the song

Day of the Week

The name of the day (Friday, Saturday, etc.) the song was played

Show Sequence Number (SSN)

Used to indicate when a song was played more than once during the show (red highlight), and to calculate the breakout gap for that song

Breakout Gap

The Breakout Gap (number of shows since the song was played. Gaps over 50 shows will be highlighted in yellow

Song Before

Name of the song that was played before this song, or indication that it opened the set

Song After

Name of the song that was played after this song, or indication that it closed the set

Early/Late (E/L)

Designation if the song was played as part of an Early or Late show for that show date

Set Number (S)

The set number that the song was played during

Set Classification (SC)

A designation for they type of set - Acoustic Set, Electric Set 1, Electric Set 2, etc.

Song Position Number (P)

The Position Number of that song in the set (for example 5, meaning the 5th song played in that set)

Total Number of Set Songs (T)

Total Number of songs played in that set (use with the song Position Number to give you an idea of where in the set the song was played)

Acoustic Designation

If the song was played acoustically, or as part of an acoustic set

Encore Designation

If the song was played as an encore

Song Notes

Any relevant notes for the song that give you additional information about the performance

Song Certainty Designation

An indication for the level of certainty that the song was performed

Set List Certainty Designation

The set list certainty designation tries to rate the level of certainty that the known (listed) set list is total and complete. In other words, being 100% sure that all the songs listed are complete and in the correct order. There are some shows in which the set lists are mostly known, but the certainty of some songs isn't exactly known.

Show Certainty Designation

Show Certainty indicates the level of certainty that the show was actually played, including correct date and venue

Performance Type

Indicates the type of performance (Concert, Benefit Concert, Performance for Awards Show, Performance for TV, etc.)


A list of any guest musicians that performed on this song


Names of all the Grateful Dead band members who performed for this song. Sometimes the list of band members for the entire show are listed, for example during Drums.

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