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E-Book Features:

Over 2,500 pages of information, including:

Set Lists 1965-1995

set list.PNG

Fully updated (2020) set lists for every known show, listed in date order, starting with 1965 through the last show on 1995-07-09.

For each and every show: I've included tons of extra information, including: important notes, band member lineup, guest musicians, first/only/final time song performances, which songs were officially released, including the album name (spanning the entire discography), links to important Internet resources such as Lost Live Dead, Etree, and so much more!

Every Song, Every Time Played

ETP new format small.png

Grouped by song , every time it was played -  sorted by date, including the song played before and the song played after.

You'll also get a lot more: the number of shows between song performances (breakouts), the set number, important song notes, if the song was played acoustically or as an encore,  if the song features any guest musicians, band member lineup info, and much more!

Music Links

setlist page.png

Within each set list entry are links to all available circulating sources streaming from for any given show - just a click away!

Every available source is clearly labeled as a soundboard (SBD), audience (AUD), matrix (MTX), etc. 

I've also indicated which sources are rated as "Best" in terms of sound quality, or other unique characteristics.

Song and Show Stats

song stats1.png

Included are hundreds of pages of statistics about a wide range of topics, including:

  • Set opening and closing song frequency, and broken out by year

  • Encore songs played, and broken out by year

  • City, state, venues played by city and by year

  • Song breakouts (large gaps between performing a song)

  • Frequency of songs played before and after drums/space

  • Frequency of all songs played, broken out by year

  • And many more!

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