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I've compiled over 2,500 pages of information about the set lists, stats and available recordings, with direct links to the music embedded in the E-Book so you can click and listen, directly from the book! 

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Check out my interview on Dead Air Radio with Cory Daniels!


I talk about how the book came to be, and how I developed it - along with some other funny and interesting tidbits about Grateful Dead set lists. Cory has interviewed a lot of important Grateful Dead authors, film makers and photographers including Amir Bar-Lev (director of Long Strange Trip documentary), Stu Nixon (DeadBase), Howard Weiner (Deadology: 33 Essential Dates) Jay Blakesburg (Jerry Garcia: Secret Space of Dreams), Bob Minkin (Grateful Dead photographer), Steve Silberman (Neurotribes) and many more, so I'm very honored to be interviewed! Check it out and let me know what you think.


"I just bought this and man, oh man, this is exhaustive. Nicely done! I highly recommend."

- Reddit reader

"What an impressive piece you have put together."

- Cory D. via email message

"Thank you so much for this labor of love, I highly appreciate it and hope others find it and love it as well"

- Reddit reader

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