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On This Day In Grateful Dead History

A daily listening journal to discover set lists and available recordings of the Grateful Dead for (almost) every day of the year. Bound in a unique soft-feel cover.

On This Day In Grateful Dead History

SKU: 19471016
  • This is the Second Edition. Fully updated and corrected October, 2021. New "Previous and Next" show dates now included for each date, so you don't have to look the information up in the back of the book.  This 650+ page book provides the most complete and accurate Grateful Dead set lists, presented in Month-Day format (January 1st through December 31st), so you can quickly and easily find all the Grateful Dead shows available for any given day of the year from the band's 30-year career (1965 - 1995). For every show, the book also provides information on interesting show and song notes, what the "certainty" status of a particular show and set list is, who the band members were, if a guest musician played with the band, and if it was the first, final or only time a song was played. It also identifies every "officially" released song, along with the name of the album that you can find it on. In addition, for every show, there is space to write your own notes, a place to mark your own show/set rating, if it's a favorite show, if you attended the show, and if you have a recording of it.

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